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Chris Bosh Reveals Who He'd Rather Take The Last Shot, Kobe Bryant Vs. LeBron James

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Miami Heat legend Chris Bosh is a 13-year NBA veteran who got to play with (and against) some of the greatest players this game has ever seen.

Among them are Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, who were both in full swing during the early 2010s.

Speaking on "The Dream Team Tapes," Bosh spoke about those two players specifically, even going so far as to reveal which he'd pick to take the last in a tight game.

“Give it to Kobe and get out of the way. That’s just my philosophy, I never wanted to make the game more complicated than it needs to be. In that situation, I feel like that’s what Kobe does.”

Indeed, Kobe Bean Bryant is widely regarded as the most clutch player in basketball history. He has made a total of 24 game-winning shots in his career, including 8 buzzer-beaters. The scope of his clutch performance, of course, goes way beyond those final moments.

Oftentimes, he'd lead and carry his team for the final minutes of the game, using his wide variety of skills to squeak out a victory.

And while LeBron James is also a pretty solid clutch performer, this might be one area in which Kobe has him beat. So much so, in fact, even one of his former teammates can't help but admit it.