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Chris Bosh Says He'd Pick LaMarcus Aldridge Over Andrea Bargnani In 2006 NBA Draft: Toronto Would Have Had A Great Duo

Chris Bosh Says He'd Pick LaMarcus Aldridge Over Andrea Bargnani In 2006 NBA Draft: Toronto Would Have Had A Great Duo

After the 2006 NBA Draft, Andrea Bargnani and Chris Bosh created an interesting duo on the Toronto Raptors. The big men were expected to lead the squad to compete in the Eastern Conference. However, they couldn't get past the first season of the playoff in two participations. 

Over 10 years after this partnership ended, Bosh was asked if he would have changed something in the 2006 draft. The Canadian squad selected Bargnani as the 1st overall pick of the night, missing out on other big names with better NBA careers. 

Talking with free agent JJ Redick on his 'The Old Man and the Three' podcast, the 2x NBA champion revealed he would have gotten with LaMarcus Aldridge instead of the Italian. 

Redick: "If you could re-draft the 2006 draft, who would you pick #1, and why would it NOT be Andrea Bargnani?"

Bosh: "Ok, Andrea is my man. And Andrea, I hope you're doing well out there, my man," Bosh said. "I've had been playing against LaMarcus Aldridge since I was 16 and I was 14. And I watched him develop into where he had gotten to at that moment, which was being the No. 1 pick in the draft. Easy. I actually looked forward to playing with him. I thought we were gonna be like a hometown, twin towers kind of thing 'cause that thing was still alive in the league. I knew they were gonna pick Andrea when I first started talking to them. Andrea is very talented -put the ball on the floor, shot 3s, but it's just the way that I saw, LaMarcus, head and shoulders is the best players in the draft. And one could argue that he had the best career. Now, with that said, Andrea, he was very good, we still had a good team and he fit what we were doing. I think it was more the vision that they had with European domination in Canada." 

Besides Aldridge, that draft class featured very good names, including Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay, JJ Redick, PJ Tucker, Rajon Rondo, and Kyle Lowry. Bargnani had a few good years with the Raptors, and people consider he was ahead of his time. If he played in today's league, his career would have been different

We'll never know that, just like we never watched Bosh teaming up with Aldridge to try to win a championship for the Raptors. He would join the Miami Heat in 2010, going to four straight Finals, winning two championships. He played a big role in the second one, grabbing one of the most clutch rebounds in NBA history.