Chris Bosh Shares His Favorite Untold Heat Story About LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, And Udonis Haslem

(via Heat Nation)

(via Heat Nation)

Chris Bosh had an illustrious NBA career and will be a future Hall of Famer. Bosh was part of the iconic Miami Heat title-winning teams of the early 2010s, and he was famously part of their big three alongside LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

The Reddit subreddit r/nba has recently hosted an AMA which stands for "Ask Me Anything". Chris Bosh was the guest, and naturally, many people were intrigued with the opportunity to ask Bosh some basketball questions. One of the stories Bosh told was in response to a question that asked him for a "favorite untold Heatles story".

Reddit User j__burr: Bosh! Favorite untold Heatles story?

Chris Bosh: In our back-to-back year, I was struggling in our series against the Pacers. The night before one of the games, LeBron, Dwyane and Udonis and their wives, came over to my house and we had a fantastic dinner. They voiced their support for me and made sure I was okay. Those are real teammates and friends.

This story highlights how Bosh's teammates helped him during his time of struggle, and illustrates how tight-knit that Miami Heat team was. Bosh also answered some other questions about his time with the Miami Heat, but also during his earlier tenure with the Toronto Raptors. The question about the Toronto Raptors involved a what-if scenario featuring DeMar DeRozan and Vince Carter.

Reddit User Konfliction: Hey Chris! Bit of a longer question, but as a Toronto fan my whole life I've always wondered:

Your time in Toronto briefly overlapped with both Vince Carter and Demar DeRozan. Is there any part of you that looks back and just wonders out of curiosity what a sustained run would've looked like with both of those guys? Obviously your career was fantastic either way, but as a Toronto guy I've always wondered about that

Chris Bosh: No, I never thought about it. We were never in a position to where it would make sense. When I first got to Toronto, Vince was looking to win and eventually made the trade request. I was kind of in the same position as Demar was my rookie in my last season in Toronto.

The popular questions about the Miami Heat ask about the 2011 NBA Finals loss and the post-LeBron James era in Miami. Bosh notably took on a larger offensive load after LeBron James' departure.

Reddit User AttorneyAtLion: Prior to the blood clots being discovered in 2014-2015, your scoring jumped up to heights it hadn’t reached since joining the Heat.

What was the mindset in co-leading the Heat following LeBron’s departure, and how did your experience with the Heatles allow you to recapture some of that magic and transition to a more traditional veteran role?

Chris Bosh: After LeBron left, Dwyane and I knew that we had to pick up our play on the scoring end of the basketball. The mindset however changed as we got older and more experience from all those final runs. That season we got more into the system and found ways to be more effective in a different team style. My mindset was proving that I was still an elite scorer in the league.

Reddit User furkany95: Hi Bosh!

What was Big 3’s reaction within your friends after 2011 finals upset? How were you able to recover so good that you went back to back.

Chris Bosh: It hurt like hell! I'm from Dallas and to lose in the Finals to your hometown team isn't a good feeling. We all learned that you have to bounce back from tough times and that you can lose if you don't prepare properly. We got better after that day and made a promise to do more as a team

There is no doubt that Chris Bosh's tenure in the NBA was interesting, and it was interesting to hear about his career from his own perspective. Chris Bosh shared some behind-the-scenes insight, and it would definitely be amazing to see athletes keep doing so in the future.