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Chris Haynes Points Out One Big Difference Between Damian Lillard And Steph Curry: "Dame Is Still Required To Play Point Guard. Steph Doesn't Have Those Obligations. Dame Has Those Obligations.“

(via Basketball Forever)

(via Basketball Forever)

With Damian Lillard and Steph Curry leading the MVP conversation this season, the two stars are being compared more now than they ever have been before.

With Portland sitting at fourth in the West, and amid a 6 game win streak without two of their three best players, Dame deserves a lot of credit for what he's been able to do.

In San Fransisco, Steph has also been doing a pretty great job leading his club. Despite missing Klay Thompson, the Dubs are hanging on in the West with a 16-13 record.

As the debate continues over which guard is having a better season, Yahoo Sports Chris Haynes pointed out in a recent article one glaring difference between them and the roles they are currently serving for their team.

(via NBC Sports)

"Dame and Steph -- they're averaging the same amount of points. But Dame still is required to play point guard. Yes, Steph is a point guard. But Draymond Green is the playmaker of that team. Steph doesn't have those obligations. Dame has those obligations.

So he's scoring the same amount of points, but yet he's still responsible for getting everybody involved. And he's the leader of the team, and people call him the best leader in the NBA. Steph doesn't have those obligations.

I'm not trying to pit Dame over Steph or Steph over Dame. I'm just telling you they have different obligations. Dame has more of a workload to go through than Steph has."

It's no knock on Curry, but he does have the luxury of playing with Draymond Green, who is the leader and playmaker of the Warriors. Curry's main focus is on scoring the basketball, and anything else he does is just icing on the cake.

Dame has it a little different. He's the scorer for the Blazers, but also their playmaker and leader. While CJ McCollum can handle some of those duties, Lillard definitely has more responsibilities for his team than Curry does for his.

As for what it means in the endless debate, well, that's for you to decide...