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Chris Haynes Says NBA Teams Could Ask The League To Investigate James Harden And 76ers For A Possible Collusion

Chris Haynes Says NBA Teams Could Ask The League To Investigate James Harden And 76ers For A Possible Collusion

James Harden has been linked with a move to the Philadelphia 76ers in recent days. The Beard is reportedly frustrated in Brooklyn, as the Nets are without their two other stars, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. 

These rumors have opened the door for trade buzz surrounding the 2018 NBA MVP. Some people are placing Harden in Philadelphia next season to create a tandem with Joel Embiid. Reports suggest he would be open to teaming up with the Cameroonian big man, who is playing at a great level this season. 

All this talk has made noise around the league and some people aren't happy to see how the rumors about Harden landing in Philly have surfaced. That's why some folks are considering asking the league to investigate the player and the team in case they're talking about a potential deal way before they're allowed to do so. 

“Some front-office executives are prepared to … when the time comes, if a deal does look like [it’s] about to transpire where there could be some potential sign-and-trade in the offseason,” NBA insider Chris Haynes said. “… They’re prepared to get the league involved on a potential collusion case dating back to what they believe could be going on right now—you know, as to why we’re probably hearing a lot of Philadelphia, James Harden talk. I was told there will be complaints issued to the league [to] try to investigate to see if there was any collusion.”

Harden has a good relationship with somebody within the Sixers organization, which could play a big role in his decision to leave Brooklyn and go to Philly in the offseason. 

“There’s another player we’re going to add to this dynamic: Michael Rubin,” Haynes said. “For those who don’t know, the Sixers co-owner is very, very, very good friends with James Harden. And I’ve been talking to a rival owner, talking to rival front-office executives, who believe that there can be some talk going on now between both sides.”

Harden's future might not be in Brooklyn and the Nets must work to get ready to live after him. Perhaps trading for Ben Simmons isn't a bad idea for the New Yorkers, but right now, it's unclear if any team in the NBA would be willing to do business with Philly regarding Ben. 

Anyway, it seems like a Harden move to Philadelphia is brewing right now, but not everybody in the league will let him go away with it if they consider both parties are doing something dirty.