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Chris Paul Continues Beef With Paul George, Refuses To Shake Hands After Suns Beat Clippers

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Chris Paul's beef with Paul George seems to be hotter than ever after the two stars were face-to-face and refused to shake hands following the Phoenix Suns' 109-101 win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday at the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

This isn't something new knowing the recent history between them. These two teams could have more than one reason to dislike each other and two of their respective best players have had some altercations with each other in the past. 

It's well known that Rajon Rondo doesn't like Chris Paul, as he even refuses to say his name. Paul George and Devin Booker starred in a very controversial moment a couple of months ago, which led Book to call PG13 a 'soft a** n****'. Well, things have escalated and CP3 and George weren't interested in saying anything to each other after the Suns scored a big win over a direct rival.

We could see these two squads going at it in the playoffs and that series would be one to remember. We're not sure what really happened between George and Paul during the game but that must have been big if they didn't have the courtesy to greet one another. 

After the game, when George was asked what makes CP3 a hard player to defend, his response was short and clear. 

"Next question," the former MVP candidate replied.

The competition in the West is a lot more interesting this year and these two are responsible for that. They have big players who are fierce competitors and don't hesitate to bark at rivals on the court. 

At the start of the month, PG sent a message to the Suns and their antics, saying he was focused on the Clippers and nothing else. 

“I don’t know what that chirp is about. We focused on us. I don’t care what they’re doing over there. I don’t care who they are or what they’re doing. I’m locked in. They can do the chirping. I let them have it tonight."

Maybe those words didn't sit well with CP3 and he let everybody know on Wednesday. This could be a really big playoffs series and if that happens, we'll be ready to watch these two monsters going at it, using any strategy to get under their rivals' skin.