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Chris Paul Is Officially 0-14 In Games Officiated By Referee Scott Foster

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Chris Paul

A lot of fans complain about the way that their team/favorite players are officiated. That's just part of fandom. However, sometimes, it seems as though particular referees have it out for certain players. 

Twitter page StatMuse has recently revealed that Chris Paul has lost his last 14 playoffs games that were officiated by referee Scott Foster. There is no doubt that this is a strange occurrence, even if it is a coincidence.

Chris Paul has lost 14 straight playoff games officiated by Scott Foster.

Some may be tempted to suggest that the refereeing is unfair to Chris Paul in particular, but no referee officiates the exact same way. A lot of players generally tweak their physicality or aggressiveness on either end depending on how the game is being called. Referees don't try to influence the outcome of a game based on one player, and this statistic provided is likely just a coincidence.

For Chris Paul, the priority will be rallying the Phoenix Suns and getting past the New Orleans Pelicans. Devin Booker exited the game with an injury, and it is possible that the team will have to make do without him. As the leader of the team, Chris Paul will have to step up and find a way to win without Booker. Knowing his talent and his caliber of play, he will likely be able to do so.

The Phoenix Suns are definitely a championship contender when healthy, and hopefully, we get to see them at full strength sooner rather than later. They made the 2021 NBA Finals but lost in a heartbreaking series to Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. Perhaps this is the year they make it back to the highest stage, and this time, they will likely be looking to finish the job and win the first championship in franchise history.