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Chris Webber Posts Mysterious Tweets After Parting Ways With TNT

chris webber

TNT and Chris Webber have mutually agreed to part ways, news that was kind of shocking considering we're on the eve of the NBA playoffs.

Webber was one of its main analysts over the past years and, even though a contract extension seemed unlikely at this point, the fact that they suddenly let him go makes us think that there's way more into it than what was reported.

It's been known that Turner Entertainment was reportedly livid at the fact that Webber waited until the last minute to let them know that he wasn't attending the NCAA bubble in Indianapolis, forcing them to find a replacement at the 11th hour.

Now, the former Sacramento Kings star has fueled the fire of this controversy by posting several cryptic tweets in the wake of this news, saying that God is good and implying that this was for the best and he was happy about that decision.

Perhaps Webber has already a couple of offers sitting on his table, and it surely won't be long before he finds another basketball-related gig.

While not the most beloved analyst among the NBA community, there's no denying that Webber's expertise and skill set will grant him plenty of more opportunities around the league, maybe even on the bench as a staff member.

Now, TNT will once again have to scramble to find another analyst on the verge of the NBA playoffs but we can rest assured that they'll have plenty of candidates at hand, including Dwyane Wade, who's been attending NBA on TNT occasionally since his retirement.

As for Webber, he's yet to make an official statement regarding his departure from the network, and judging by his recent activity on social media, it seems unlikely that he's going to say anything at all, at least for the time being.