Clint Capela Takes A Shot At The Knicks: ‘We’ll Send You Guys On Vacation’


The New York Knicks-Atlanta Hawks first-round series has proven to be very entertaining. Yes, the Hawks have been the better team over four games, but that doesn't mean the Knicks are done yet. 

However, according to Clint Capela's recent comments on the New Yorkers, they are in a very complex situation heading into Game 5. 

The Swiss big man has found his place in the world after being traded by the Houston Rockets. He's trying to help Trae Young and co. play for important things this campaign but first they need to get past the Knicks. 

This doesn't seem like a problem for Capela. He sent a big message to their rivals, claiming that the Hawks are about to send them on vacation. 

“They’re trying to play tough, push our guys around, talk shit, but we can do that too. We show them as soon as we came back here. We can push guys around too. We can talk shit as well, so what you going to do about it? And we can get a win with it. So what you going to do about it? Oh, Game 4 you’re coming back again? Well, it’s going to happen again. Win the game. We talked shit and pushed you around, so what are you going to do about it? So that’s what happened. We can do it too. We can be physical, but we can win games as well. Now we’re coming to your home to win this game again. We’ll send you on vacation.”

These comments clearly reference Julius Randle pushing Danilo Gallinari at the end of Game 4 at the State Farm Arena. The Knicks have tried everything to get under the Hawks' skin, with fans even spitting on Trae Young during Game 2

Capela has had enough of that and he sent a big message to the New Yorkers. Game 5 is scheduled for this Wednesday when the Hawks will try to seal the deal, advance to the next round of the playoffs, and, as Capela said, send the Knicks on vacation.