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Damian Lillard Is Sharing Videos With Fake Doctors Exposing The “Reality” Of COVID-19

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Damian Lillard received a big backlash in recent hours after sharing a video with fake doctors spreading false information about COVID-19. This virus has stopped the world, even the league had to suspend its activities last March after Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus.

A lot has been said about this and a lot of false information about the disease sees the light every day and it seems like Dame got caught up in it. Lillard shared a video of a ‘fake doctor’ who has been going viral on Twitter for her ‘on-ground’ experience of dealing with coronavirus. The Portland Trail Blazers guard shared the video where this doctor tries to promote the anti-vaccination and people weren't happy about it.

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Lillard captioned the ‘interesting’ but he quickly deleted after the backlash he received. It's unclear if he did it because of the reactions or if he realized the information was absolutely wrong. Instagram has flagged the video as 'false information'.

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Dame has always shared his knowledge on several topics on social media but this time he didn't pick the right video and didn't confirm if the information was real before sharing it. He's followed by millions on social media and spreading misinformation isn't something good at this moment.

He's getting ready to return to action with the Trail Blazers since the NBA returns tomorrow. Dame is trying to lead his team to the postseason but there are other teams trying to steal that last playoff spot that right now belongs to the Memphis Grizzlies.