Damian Lillard: "My Loyalty Is My Biggest Flaw... I'm Too Solid For This Weird A** Era."

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(via Action Network)

(via Action Network)

Now more than ever before, the NBA has become a hotbed for superteams, as stars in different cities look to link up on the same squad for the sake of carving an easy path to victory.

And while a lot of today's best players have given in to the temptation of building massively talented superteams, not everyone has been so quick to jump on that bandwagon. Damian Lillard, for example, has resisted the movement, going so far as to post about it on social media...

So many stars, it seems, are so quick to ditch their teams for the promise of an easy ride to a Chip, and that hasn't gone unnoticed by Mr. Lillard

Lillard is the embodiment of player loyalty. The dude has spent 8 years playing for a small market team in Portland, and seems committed to bringing a title to his team (rather than chasing one with other stars).

He has never pushed for a trade, has never sold the franchise out, and gives his full effort every time he steps on the court.

Indeed, it seems Dame is the exception in today's NBA -- a guy who resists stacking the deck, a guy who doesn't run away from the grind, and a guy who just wants to hoop with everything he's got.