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Danny Green Sends Clear Message To Ben Simmons: "Just Come In, Be A Pro, And Do Your Job"

Danny Green Gives Inside Look Into Philadelphia 76ers Locker Room During Ben Simmons Saga: "It Was Frustrating"

Ben Simmons has not made any new fans with his behavior over the last few weeks. The Australian point guard famously refused to turn up to 76ers training camp after demanding a trade away from Philly. Fans felt that he wasn't taking accountability and avoiding the 76ers after his poor performances.

One of the biggest flaws in Simmons' game is his shooting. Simmons is a very poor shooter, especially from the three-point line. His inability to make threes consistently, or even attempt them, is a significant hindrance in the modern NBA.

The 76ers have tried their best to make up for Simmons' poor shooting, surrounding him by floor spacing players who can make their shots. But some fans feel that Simmons needed to improve his shooting, and the fact that he hasn't done any work to improve makes him lazy.

But players on the 76ers feel that Simmons doesn't need to shoot. Danny Green is one of these players, speaking recently in a press interaction. He noted that the 76ers are not asking him to shoot. 

He just wants Simmons back with the team and be professional about his situation. Green isn't too concerned with an apology, but would accept it if Simmons gave the team one. 

 "We're not asking him to shoot jump shots... Just come in, be a pro and do your job. If he apologizes, cool."

Simmons shocked the 76ers organization and the fan when he returned to Philadelphia this week. His agent Rich Paul and the 76ers had agreed to Simmons returning in order to sort out the All-Star's future. But in fact, the 76ers didn't even know that Simmons was going to arrive the day he did.

Simmons is still of the mindset that he wants to leave the Philadelphia 76ers and is looking for a fresh start with a new franchise. Whereas the 76ers maintain that they want to convince Simmons that he is important to the franchise and continue to keep him in order to pursue an NBA championship.