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Darvin Ham Is Eager To Coach Russell Westbrook: "I'm Excited As Hell To Have Russell Westbrook On Our Team."

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Shannon Sharpe Says Russell Westbrook Won't Be Happy Being A Defense-First Player: "Whatever Your Role Was Last Year, It's Gonna Be Less Than That."

Russell Westbrook is a player that was often criticized by Los Angeles Lakers fans over the course of the 2021-22 season. Many people were unhappy with his inefficient and turnover-heavy playstyle.

Despite some strong opinions from fans on Russell Westbrook, it seems as though head coach Darvin Ham is ready to coach Russell Westbrook. Recently, he revealed how he was going to use Russell Westbrook, and it seems as though Ham wants Russell Westbrook to "diversify" his game. Darvin Ham also added that he is "excited as hell" to coach Russell Westbrook.

Russ is known for his huge competitive spirit, and the velocity at which he gets up and down the floor pushing the ball.

The thing I said is "you just have to diversify that". Not only will he be leading the charge pushing the break, but screening and rolling, defending... that's where it's going to start, not only for Russ but for everybody... we have to get back to playing defense... Russ in my opinion is in great shape, he's durable... I'm excited as hell to have Russell Westbrook on our team.

There is no doubt that Russell Westbrook had a subpar year, but it is quite possible that he will bounce back under a new coach. A lot of the time, a player's success is based on fit with the team and with the coach, and it is clear that Russell Westbrook did not thrive under former head coach Frank Vogel.

There have been some reports that have suggested that Russell Westbrook will be moved to the Brooklyn Nets for Kyrie Irving in the near future, and perhaps he won't even be on the squad by the time training camp rolls around. However, as of right now, it seems as though Darvin Ham is planning for Russell Westbrook to be on the roster, and he is clearly confident that he can make Russell Westbrook work on the Lakers.