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DeAndre Jordan Jokingly Throws Shade At Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant: "We’re Definitely Not Friends Anymore"

DeAndre Jordan

The Los Angeles Lakers met yet another move that raised plenty of controversy around social media.

They signed DeAndre Jordan after he completed his buyout agreement with the Brooklyn Nets, and while that could've been great news several years ago, he's far beyond his prime now.

Seeing Jordan leave the Nets was slightly surprising. Even if he wasn't playing a lot of minutes, he was there because of his relationship with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. So, when asked about them, he said that they're just not cool anymore:

“We’re definitely not friends anymore, so..." Jordan jokingly said, as quoted by Essentially Sports.

“We’re friends before basketball, after basketball and I think ultimately we all just want to be happy. We’re brothers beyond basketball. So us being teammates - or not - isn’t going to affect our relationship," he added.

Jordan seemed pretty excited about the opportunity of teaming up with high-octane motor players like Russell Westbrook and LeBron James, as he'll have plenty of chances to dunk the ball:

“For me, it’s great," Jordan said. "Those guys being able to have such speed and strength, being able to get downhill so quickly — it puts a lot of pressure on defenses. When you’re a big playing in that dunker area you find where you’ll be open — whether it’s a shovel pass, whether its a lob — and those guys are so great at finding the open man and making the defenses pay for coverages and schemes that they may come up with. I just need to be ready to catch a basketball or catch a lob or screen in for a shooter. But, when you have that many threats on one team, I think that it’s going to be very beneficial to us.”

DeAndre Jordan may not be the same dominant rim protector he was during his days with the Clippers. But if he's able to give the Lakers 20 solid minutes off the bench, he can still be a major factor down the stretch.