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Dejounte Murray Laughs Of The Rumors That Say Gregg Popovich Would Trade Anyone From The Spurs For Ben Simmons

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Ben Simmons is the player everybody's talking about right now. He's being pointed out as the main responsible behind the Philadelphia 76ers' collapse to the Atlanta Hawks and for the first time in years, it seems like the Sixers trading him away is a true possibility.

Needless to say, given his potential, plenty of teams would be interested in making a move for the former first-overall pick.

And, according to former NBA Champion Bruce Bowen, Gregg Popovich would be more than willing to trade anyone on his team to get his hands around Ben Simmons:

“I know Pop very well and I assure you they would trade anyone on the Spurs roster for Ben Simmons," Bowen said on ESPN Radio San Antonio AM 1250 (via Basketball Network). 

Nonetheless, it seems like that report didn't impress a young player from the current Spurs squad, as Dejounte Murray took to Twitter to laugh it off and let it be known that he's just not buying it.

Obviously, Murray feels like his job as the team's starting point guard is safe and that Popovich wouldn't consider moving half of the Spurs roster to get Simmons away from Philadelphia.

Simmons would be a big upgrade for the Spurs in that position as he's a slightly better defender and a much better playmaker than Murray. Then again, it's not like he would make a huge change given that neither of them is a good shooter and both are injury-prone, long guards that play tough defense.