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Dell Curry Says Seth Is Very Confident In Himself: 'I'm A Better Shooter Than Steph, He Just Gets More Shots.'"

(via The Mercury News)

(via The Mercury News)

With only about 500 players in the NBA at any given time, it's not very common for more than one member of a family to be signed to a team.

Of course, that's what makes the Currys so darn interesting, and the dynamic between Steph and Seth, in particular, so intriguing. While we all know which is the better player -- the 2x MVP in Golden State, one has to wonder how Seth feels about being in his "shadow" all these years, having to watch his older brother dominate at a scale he never really has.

But in a chat with Alex Kennedy, Dell Curry explained the true mindset held by Seth, who has never lacked in confidence...

"Seth had the mentality, 'If Stephen's gonna [play in the NBA], I know I can do it. I used to kill him in the backyard!' That's Seth's mentality right now. He'll tell you, 'I'm a better shooter than Steph, he just gets more shots.'"

It's no surprise that Steph's entry into the league helped spark Seth on a similar path. Clearly, he was driven to join his bro in the world's top basketball league.

And while Seth has not yet matched the resume or skillset held by his brother, he's a pretty solid player, averaging 13 points on 44% shooting from downtown for the Sixers this season.

Certainly, if Seth isn't a better shooter than Steph, he's not at all very far behind.