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Dell Curry To Baby Stephen Curry: 'You're Shooting Bricks, Man'

curry kid

It looks like Dell Curry is responsible for Stephen Curry becoming a nightmare for defenders, especially from beyond the arc.

The 33-year-old has come a long way to become the big deal he is right now and you can say he had a lot of motivation to take his game to the next level, change the way basketball is played and become the greatest shooter the NBA has ever seen. 

The Golden State Warriors was born and grew up amid a big basketball culture, with his father being a professional player in the NBA. Dell wanted his son to become a pro player just like him and he did it a great way. 

Old footage shows the Charlotte Hornets icon talking about Steph and explaining they're already trying to get the little kid interested in the game. The father was rooting for the child but he called him a bricker at some point. 

"Come on, man, you gotta make your first shot," Dell told baby Steph. "You're shooting bricks, man."

It seems like the 2x NBA MVP remembered that and took channeled his inner Michael Jordan, taking things personally and becoming the best shooter he could have. Steph is a complete legend right now after all the things he's done with the Golden State Warriors, leading them to five straight NBA Finals, winning three championships. 

Added to the titles and MVP awards, he is a 5× NBA three-point field goals leader, 4× NBA free-throw percentage leader, the Warriors franchise leader in points, assists and three-point field goals made, among other categories. 

He's not shooting bricks anymore. He's making 3-pointers from the logo, driving defenders crazy with his handles and talent to create a shot for himself. Steph can do almost anything on the court and we're pretty sure Dell is happy those bricks turned into the big shots his son is making right now.