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Dennis Rodman Reveals That He Dated Lakers President Jeanie Buss: "I’ve Known Jeanie Since She Was In Playboy. They Put Me Up In The Ritz Carlton, In The Penthouse, And She Said ‘You Wanna Have Some Drinks?‘"

Dennis Rodman Reveals That He Dated Lakers President Jeanie Buss: "I’ve Known Jeanie Since She Was In Playboy. They Put Me Up In The Ritz Carlton, In The Penthouse, And She Said ‘You Wanna Have Some Drinks?‘"

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is widely recognized as one of the baddest boys in the league's history. The 5-time NBA champion was a beast in terms of collecting rebounds on the court. But as soon as Rodman stepped off the court, he turned on his charm.

There have been many reports over the years about Rodman's colorful dating life. Over his career with multiple NBA teams, Rodman has reportedly slept with over 2000 women.

While it is understandable that fans aren't aware of the details of each of his romantic encounters, Dennis did reveal the details about one in a recent video. After winning three consecutive NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls, Rodman briefly played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

He spent one season with the purple and gold but featured in only 23 games. It seems like him being in Los Angeles for just a single season was more than enough for him to date current Lakers president Jeanie Buss.

At the time, Jeanie was of course not the president of the franchise as her father Jerry Buss was handling that responsibility. Anyway, here is what Dennis Rodman revealed about dating Jeanie Buss for a brief period of time in the 1990s.

Via Basketball Network:

"Jeanie Buss called me. Jeanie said ‘Dennis you want to go out to dinner?‘ I said ‘Yeah why not.’ I’ve known Jeanie since she was in Playboy. So they put me up in the Ritz Carlton, in the penthouse, and she said ‘You wanna have some drinks?‘ so we have some drinks. Of course…take if from there. So I start, this is a true story, I started dating Jeanie Buss. I dated her for six months."

Now there is no way of confirming this story that Rodman narrated. The only way of that happening is if Jeanie Buss herself verifies the details of this wild story by the former Detroit Pistons legend. Although he only dated her for six months, it once again proves Rodman's ability to share the table with people of big stature.

Rodman did reveal that he had already known Buss from her Playboy days. If you aren't aware of the same, Buss did a photoshoot for Playboy when she was 32 years old. She revealed the details about that chapter of a life in a podcast.

Via Sports Illustrated:

"I only say that because I posed in Playboy. And it doesn't mean to get into my position, you should pose in Playboy. Because me posing in Playboy had nothing to do with business. That was like a personal decision.

"When I posed, I was 32 years old. It wasn't like I was making a mistake that I didn't know what I was getting myself into. For me, I was at the maturity level that I could do it. And I was like every other model, I had to go through the test photo shoot and all that kind of stuff. It was my own personal goal, not anything to do with business or anything. Just something I wanted to do.

"My dad is again one of the most brilliant people. He gave a quote that was so perfect, where he said, 'It will be the first issue of Playboy magazine I've never read.' Meaning, he's endorsing the magazine, but I'm his daughter, right. He can walk that fine line of not being judgmental or putting me down."

As Buss explained, it was nothing but a personal goal for her to pose for the Playboy magazine. But even more than two decades later after that, she has to explain her actions. Which, without a doubt should not be the case.

It seems like Buss is still on great terms with Dennis Rodman to say the least. Buss replied to Rodman's tweet about going to a Lakers game back in 2018. It seemed like the two enjoyed each other company and are still friends.

To conclude, you can check out the video where Dennis Rodman spoke about dating Jeanie Buss down below. Apart from that, the NBA Hall of Famer also talked about sharing the court with a young Kobe Bryant in the video.