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Derrick Rose: "Please Don't Idolize Me. I'm Not Your Typical Hooper."

(via Instagram/drose)

(via Instagram/drose)

Derrick Rose is far removed from his days as an MVP in Chicago, but the love from the NBA community has not yet wavered.

Rose has had an unfair amount of injuries to overcome over the years, and it robbed both him and us of what could've been one of the best careers of the modern-day era.

Still, the fact that he is still in the league at all considering all he has been through is a miracle in itself.

But today, on his 32nd birthday, Rose explained why we shouldn't idolize him like we often do for other celebrities. It was part of a very powerful (but brief) message he wrote to his fans on Instagram:

Please don’t idolize me. I’m not your typical hooper/celeb or whatever you want to call it. Find out who you are, master something and find a way to express whatever you’ve mastered. It’s all about your perception. Once you do that I SWEAR it’s easier to see this game everyone is playing. Don’t be apart of the magic show. Look away! Spurious love please pls stay away!!!! Thanks for all the Gday wishes. Stay blessed King & Queens.

Rose's words seem to be one telling us to go out and live our best lives instead of trying to live through others. He's encouraging us all to find what we're good at and make the best of it.

Fans in the comments were loving it and it was all positivity -- but, honestly, this type of mentality isn't new for the former MVP. He has always been humble, even when he was at the top of his game.

No matter how you feel about his game on the court, there's no questioning his heart for the community, and the community loves him back because seriously, how could you not love the guy?