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Devin Booker Has Finally Met The "Suns In 4" Guy

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Devin Booker and Nick McKellar (Suns in 4 guy)

The Phoenix Suns' recent run to the NBA Finals was magical, and there's no doubt that it was amazing for many Suns fans to see their team make it to the highest stage. They certainly had a lot of passion for their franchise.

Sometimes, that passion turns into something further, and there was some violence present at some of the Suns' playoff games. In particular, there was a Suns fan who fought a group of Nuggets fans at a playoff game. The Suns fan in question was yelling "Suns in 4" during the fight, and he is known as the "Suns in 4" guy among fans.

Devin Booker has now officially met the "Suns in 4" fan, whose name is Nick McKellar. The fan himself posted a photo of himself and Booker on his Instagram page. It seems as though Devin Booker has elected to meet someone who was clearly invested in the Phoenix Suns.

Of course, violence has no place in sports. Some people, such as Richard Jefferson, have already criticized Devin Booker previously for rewarding McKellar with a signed jersey and tickets following the fight. However, it's abundantly clear that Devin Booker meant nobody any harm, and was simply trying to connect with a fan that went viral. There have been no reported violent incidents from McKellar or other Suns fans since the playoffs, and it seems as though that fight was a one-time thing.

It remains to be seen how well the Phoenix Suns do this year, but they'll need the full support of their fans if they are to make the NBA Finals again. They have rewarded Chris Paul and Mikal Bridges with new deals following the runs, and it seems as though the goal is to keep the Finals core together. Perhaps we'll see them make it back to the Finals through a tough Western Conference, but the road will certainly be more difficult this season.