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Dion Waiters Sends Inspirational Message On Instagram: "We Human, We All Go Through S*it... For The People Out There Going Through Tough Times, You're Not Alone, I'm In This Fight With You."

dion waiters

Everyone in the world has periods of time where they struggle: that is simply a part of life. There's a lot going on in everyone's respective lives in general, and that reality doesn't change because someone is an NBA player. A lot can happen to bring you down even if you are a multi-millionaire, and NBA players can still experience struggle just like everyone else.

Dion Waiters has recently posted an inspirational message on Instagram, showing two different photos of himself. His first photo shows him looking out of shape relative to NBA standards, while the second photo shows him far more toned and in shape. Dion Waiters also posted an inspirational caption, detailing his struggles and showing the world that everyone has bad times.

On the first slide was a guy who was on bulls*it 2nd guessing himself, going through alot on his own, depressing, was in denial about alot of things & just slowing throwing away his god giving talent, But s*it we human we all go through s*it. But the guy on the right came to reality & understood who the fuck he was & still is. I had to check myself we not going out like that man up, look at ya self understand yu made mistakes & yu had to learn from them. In order to move forward!!!!! Thanks for my family & real friends who was there. No i don’t want no sympathy i’ve grew & learn from my mistakes & i can honestly say it made me a better person moving forward…. So for the ppl out there going through tough times your not alone i’m in this fight wit yu & yes we still have ways to go!!!! But we are in this s*it together!!!! 

This post by Dion Waiters shines a light on his past mental state, and it's certainly inspiring to see an athlete be able to open up like this about their life. There's no doubt that Waiters has put in the work though, and realized that he made some mistakes in the past. It is certainly great to see him working to get back in shape and being positive.

Dion Waiters hasn't been in the league since the 2019-20 season, but it seems as though he's making progress on his conditioning. Dion Waiters averaged 11.1 PPG the last season he played, and perhaps he will be able to get another chance in the league if that is his goal with getting in shape.