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Devin Booker Took Kendall Jenner To Meet His Grandma

Devin booker kendall jenner

When one is in a relationship, one's significant other meeting relatives can be very important for the relationship. It is important to at least be acquainted with your partner's relatives. Generally, the experience is good, though it can be somewhat awkward meeting people for the first time.

Devin Booker has recently taken Kendall Jenner to meet his grandma, and it seems as though the interaction was caught on camera. In the video, we see the couple share a great interaction with the grandma, and we witness Kendall Jenner state how nice it is to meet her.

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have been an item for quite some time now, and they were spotted together in the past on multiple occasions, including during the NBA playoffs. The couple does generally like to keep their lives private though.

It seems as though Devin Booker is having a relaxing offseason, and he absolutely deserves the rest ahead of next season. Devin Booker was the leading offensive force on the Phoenix Suns and led them to their first appearance in the Finals since 1993. Even after having a really long playoff run, Devin Booker wasn't quite done, and he proceeded to play in the 2021 USA Basketball Olympics team, playing a part in the team winning the coveted gold medal. From a basketball standpoint, Devin Booker's had a successful year, and it seems as though he is thriving within his personal life as well.

Hopefully, Devin Booker has gotten the rest he needs, as the NBA season will come up sooner than we expect. Athletes certainly need time to recuperate and relax after an 82+ game season, and that especially goes for someone who went to the Olympics. Devin Booker is certainly having a blast though, and hopefully, those good vibes can carry onto next season.