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DJ Khaled Runs Up To Retrieve Out-Of-Bounds Ball For Miami Heat; Gives Coach Erik Spoelstra A Back Rub On His Way Back

The Miami Heat took a stellar victory in their Game 5 matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers after outscoring the team by 35 points when the final whistle was sound. The energy was flowing in the FTX Arena in Miami as the stars came out to take in the show. One of those stars was music producer and Miami native, DJ Khaled.

Khaled was seen all game long as he was sitting courtside. In addition, Khaled was acting very reminiscent of how Drake does when he is attending Toronto Raptors games. Khaled was up and down the sideline cheering his team on and got into the action when he could.

After the ball went out of bounds near the Heat bench, Khaled decided to walk over, reach for the ball, and give it to the Heat players for the inbound. With the lead Miami had, everyone was in a good mood. Khaled decided to double down and rubbed coach Spoelstra's shoulders as he exited, boosting the coach, who started smiling.  

The mood was obviously terrific all night long in the FTX Arena. Miami was coming off two tough losses, with Game 4 being particularly embarrassing after their offensive struggles. Game 5 was the perfect response, as not only did they lock the Sixers down and held them to 85 points, but they also found an offensive rhythm to score 120.

The 76ers look in trouble with Joel Embiid playing his way back from injury and James Harden not being able to consistently deliver when his team needs him to. 

With the home form of these teams being immaculate, Philly will hope to get a big win against Miami when they return to the Wells Fargo Center for Game 6. Another loss and Philly's playoff hopes are dashed in the second round for yet another season.