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Doc Rivers Doesn’t Think Ben Simmons Is In Game-Shape Yet

Ben Simmons Is 'Going Through The Process' Is Rejoining Sixers After Meeting With Doc Rivers And Daryl Morey

Ben Simmons is back and already practicing with the Philadelphia 76ers. After a couple of complex months, the Australian player returned to the squad last week, still leaving uncertainty about his commitment to the franchise. 

Well, it seems like the Sixers are progressing on getting him to be part of the team again. Ben was spotted practicing today, demonstrating he's willing to do the work to either help the team or himself, as he probably still wants to move away from Philly. 

Either way, Simmons is trying to get in shape ahead of the new NBA season. Nevertheless, Doc Rivers recently stated the 25-year-old isn't ready to play yet. After the Sixers' Sunday practice, the head coach told reporters he's not sure Ben is ready to go. 

"I don't know yet. I'm going to wait and see. Conditioning I would say, just watching him, I thought he was in decent shape," Rivers said, via Bleacher Report. "Still not obviously game shape. He can do all that stuff, but overall, yeah."

Simmons did not meet with the media Sunday.

"We just introduced like we always do when a new guy comes back or the old guys come back. We jokingly did it," Rivers told reporters when asked if Simmons addressed the team. "We did it with Tobias as well, because he's been on vacation and Matisse as well. But as I told you before, the players pretty much welcome guys back."

The Ben Simmons saga took another turn last week, but him returning to the team doesn't mean he will end the season with them. There are still plenty of rumors circling the league and several teams are keeping an eye on this situation to see if they can take advantage of Simmons' unhappiness. 

Time will tell how this saga plays out. If the Sixers can keep him and he starts making 3s, then they win. If not, they can exchange the player for another star to pair up with Joel Embiid.