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Doc Rivers: 'Michael Jordan Is The GOAT'

(via Marca)

(via Marca)

Los Angeles Clippers head coach has given his two pennies on the ongoing GOAT debate. He joined SportsCenter to discuss a variety of topics around the NBA, including who is the greatest player of all time from his perspective.

Rivers said Michael Jordan, not LeBron James, is the greatest player of all time. He played against Michael Jordan and is coaching against Bron, so he must have a clear opinion on who is the best player between them.

"I played against Michael and I've always picked Michael as number one, but that shouldn't take anything away from LeBron or Magic or Kareem - who I think is overlooked way too much as a player -, Kobe as well, but Michael to me is the greatest player. (...) You can make the argument for LeBron. Me, I'm always taking MJ until I see something better," he said.

This has been a recurrent topic in the NBA for quite some time now. If you don't want to talk about it, fans or media will push you to give your opinion. For Rivers, the answer is clear, Jordan is the GOAT over Bron, arguably his biggest rival in the league this year in the 'battle of Los Angeles' between the Lakers and the Clippers.