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Doc Rivers On LeBron James: “He’s One Of The Smartest People To Ever Play Basketball... There’s A Lot Of People In The League With LeBron’s Body. There’s No One In The League With His Brain.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Doc Rivers had nothing but good words to say about LeBron James following the Los Angeles Lakers’ 112-103 win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday.

Bron finished the game with 28 points, 9 assists and 7 rebounds for the Purple and Gold, who earned their first victory of the season against the Clips.

LeBron was set to take the W and he showed that throughout the whole game, taking the ball in the important moments, attacking and guarding the best players of the Clippers. He was very motivated during the weekend and that earned him a lot of good comments. For instance, Rivers praised the King’s mentality and the way he approaches the game.

Rivers told during the post-game press conference that although plenty of players had LeBron’s body, nobody had his brain.

“He’s one of the smartest people to ever play basketball. He’s beating a lot of people with his brain... His brain is what makes him great. There’s a lot of people in the league with LeBron’s body. There’s no one in the league with his brain,” he said. 

This weekend was huge for the Lakers, who faced the Milwaukee Bucks and the Clippers in consecutive games. The King took care of things and went after Giannis Antetokounmpo and his Bucks on Friday, chasing the Greek Freak on both ends of the floor, stopping him whenever they went against each other.

Further, he showed his aggressiveness against the Clippers on Sunday, attacking Kawhi Leonard, Patrick Beverley and the rest of the team to get the buckets that ultimately gave the W to the Lakers.

LeBron is 35, he’s playing at the highest level, still being considered an MVP candidate and he keeps demonstrating he’s here to win it all. This game was a message to everybody in the league. He’s ready to take these Lakers to the promised land, regardless of who steps in front of them.