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Doc Rivers Refused To Address Ben Simmons' Return To Philadelphia: "I Don't Know Why I Would Talk About A Guy In Street Clothes."

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There is no doubt that the nature of Ben Simmons' exit was far from perfect. He ended up not playing a single game for the team but was eventually traded to the Brooklyn Nets in a package that got the 76ers James Harden.

Ben Simmons' return to Philadelphia has been talked about plenty by both fans and media. While Simmons is not playing in the Nets-76ers contest that is happening currently, he has already received boos from the home crowd.

While this is obviously a topic of conversation among analysts, it seems as though the Philadelphia 76ers have already moved on. Coach Doc Rivers has recently refused to address Ben Simmons returning to Philadelphia, claiming he doesn't know why he'd talk about someone who is in "street clothes".

It is obvious from this statement that Doc Rivers' priority is stopping the players who are actually playing, such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The two players are both well-known for their ability to score the basketball, and the 76ers will have their hands full all evening.

The two teams might have to go through one another to get to the NBA Finals. The Philadelphia 76ers are widely viewed as one of the favorites for the title, with some analysts like Kendrick Perkins comparing the James Harden - Joel Embiid duo to Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

I said, that they actually had the possibility of being on the verge of being the next Kobe and Shaq. That was the wrong comparison. I’m looking at Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar right now.

Just because of James Harden facilitating. It's enough that people have to deal with Joel Embiid...When you put those two together… I don’t know who in the hell can stop those two. They have trouble stopping just Embiid... I see the 76ers winning it all.

Hopefully, this contest between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers ends up being very entertaining. Both teams will be looking to make a statement this evening, and do their utmost to win.

The Philadelphia 76ers could potentially make some noise in the playoffs with the addition of James Harden. As of now though, their focus will be on defending home court against the Brooklyn Nets.