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Video: Ben Simmons Showered With Boos By 76ers Fans On Return To Philadelphia

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Video: Ben Simmons Showered With Boos By 76ers Fans On Return To Philadelphia

The Philadelphia 76ers fulfilled Ben Simmons' wish to get traded at the trade deadline, sending him out along with Andre Drummond, Seth Curry, and draft compensation to acquire star James Harden. There's no doubt that this was a good move for both Ben Simmons and the 76ers, as the team got a star, while Simmons got sent to a team with other talented players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Despite the fact that he's gone, there's no doubt that a lot of Philadelphia 76ers fans still feel animosity towards him. While he won't be playing in the Nets-76ers game today, Simmons will be sitting on the bench. His Nets teammates like Goran Dragic have already expressed that Simmons' return to Philadelphia will likely not be pleasant

"It's probably not going to be pleasant," Dragic said. "The same as in Toronto [for me], but it is what it is. We're all professional athletes. At the end of the day it's only boos, so you just go out there and perform and try to do your best. But as long as it's nothing serious, no throwing things and just be verbal, I don't care."

It seems as though Goran Dragic's prediction has already become correct. A video of Philadelphia 76ers fans booing Ben Simmons during the Nets' warmups has already circulated around Twitter.

Though Ben Simmons may not play today, it is likely that he will be heckled by fans throughout the game. The fan atmosphere is generally considered very intense and sometimes hostile in Philadelphia. Hopefully, there are no major incidents during the game asides from general booing from the home crowd.

The Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers are both viewed as teams that could potentially compete for the title this season. The Nets have had an inconsistent season, but their talent level is undeniable when healthy. As such, this is going to be an extremely competitive game, and hopefully, we see both teams show the best versions of themselves today.