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Doc Rivers Says Joel Embiid Is A Mix Of Hakeem Olajuwon And Kevin Garnett With A 3-Point Shot

Doc Rivers Says Joel Embiid Is A Mix Of Hakeem Olajuwon And Kevin Garnett With A 3-Point Shot

Joel Embiid is balling this season. The Philadelphia 76ers center picked things right where he left them last campaign, having impressive performances that led the Sixers to the postseason. The big man is now trying to win his first MVP award after finishing his second last term, behind Nikola Jokic. 

Every night, the big man demonstrates he's a very skilled player, showing his repertoire against rivals who have no answer to his offensive talents. Right now, he ranks 3rd in the latest NBA's MVP ladder, confirming he's in the best years of his career, and the Sixers should take advantage of that.

Doc Rivers is in awe of Embiid every day, and recently compared the player to two legendary big men: Hakeem Olajuwon and Kevin Garnett. The advantage Embiid has over the other two players is that he can shoot long-range shots. 

“We talk about different guys, bigs that I’ve coached and been around, I was with David Robinson as a player,” said Rivers, via Ky Carlin of Sixers Wire. “Patrick Ewing as a player and I coached Kevin Garnett and I always say he’s a little bit Olajuwon and a little bit of Garnett. It’s a helluva combination if you can get it.”

“The difference is Joel can go out to the 3-point line which sets him apart,” Rivers added. “He’s Joel Embiid. He’s not any of those guys. He’s his own guy.”

“He brings the ball up the floor,” Rivers finished. “He’s just a talented, listen I said it last year when I got here, I knew he was good, I didn’t know he had all of this. I really didn’t. He had a game against us, I wanna say it was here when I was in LA, he destroyed us. I didn’t know he could still do all of this. It’s amazing.”

Joel is now trying to lead his squad to the playoffs while posting incredible numbers on a nightly basis. The Sixers are missing Ben Simmons this season, and Embiid is carrying the load like a champion. He has the talent to become a legend of the game and the Sixers shouldn't miss that chance. 

Right now, he's posting 28.4 points, 10.6 rebounds and 4.2 assists in 34 games for the Sixers, while shooting 49.8% from the field and 39.1% from deep.