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Draymond Green Explains Why He Danced Along With Memphis Fans To ‘Whoop That Trick’: “We Got Our A** Kicked. When You Spew It Out, You Gotta Be Able To Take It.”

Draymond Green Takes A Shot At Memphis Fans For Singing Along To ‘Whoop That Trick’: “One Thing I Don’t Respect Is People Who Only Bring It When They’re Winning. We Call Those Frontrunners."

The series between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies has started to get really tense. Both teams have gone back and forth getting wins. In what could have been the series closer, the Grizzlies dominated the Warriors in Game 5, beating them in a blowout to make the series 3-2.

One notable incident from the game was when the arena in Memphis played 'Whoop That Trick', a song that has become the anthem for the Grizzlies this playoff run, and Draymond Green joined in and tried to play along by dancing with the fans.

But it appears that the celebrations from the fans didn't get under Draymond Green's skin. After the game, Green was asked about the fans in the arena shouting 'Whoop That Trick' during the game, especially when the Grizzlies had a massive lead.

Draymond took a shot at the players and fans who get annoyed when they get trolled but love to dish it out, calling them front runners as they were only celebrating while their team was in the lead and dominating. Green added that he doesn't respect front-running in the NBA.

"They're not going to whoop that trick alone, we're going to whoop that trick together. One thing I don't respect is people who only bring it when they're winning. We call those frontrunners. We got our a** kicked. It happens. When you spew it out, you gotta be able to take it."

Green clearly didn't mind the fans celebrating the way they did, especially considering he and several other Warrior fans were celebrating wildly when they were at the Chase Center and won their games against the Grizzlies.

This series between the Warriors and the Grizzlies has proven to be one of the most entertaining in recent memory, and it will come to an end by the end of this week. Whether it ends at Game 6 or goes to a Game 7 remains to be seen.