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Draymond Green Joins In With Frenzied Warriors' Fans To Troll Charles Barkley: "The Area Hates You"

Draymond Green Joins In With Frenzied Warriors' Fans To Troll Charles Barkley: "The Area Hates You"

The Golden State Warriors are feeling themselves tonight after a fantastic win over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The Warriors dominated on both sides of the court, carving the Mavericks' defense up and pouring in points while also making sure they get no easy buckets on the end. The Mavs were also unfortunate to go ice cold offensively this game, missing a lot of open shots as well. 

The Warriors executed their game plan perfectly and never let the Mavericks go on a run to possibly let them back into the game. As a result, the fans of Golden State were feeling extra rowdy during the live Inside the NBA post-game show from the Chase Center, where they were joined by Draymond Green.

Warriors fans have been jawing with Charles Barkley all night long for picking the Mavericks to win the series, and there was a lot of trolling directed to Chuck after the game. While he had his own quips for the fans, he definitely didn't expect Draymond to rile them up against him even more.

Barkley was understandably getting upset at the hate but decided to engage in it like he is a professional wrestling heel and told Draymond that he doesn't dislike the area, but actually hates it. Green did him a favor and politely let him know that the area hates him right back.

With Barkley shooting 0-2 on his first-round predictions involving the Mavericks, he decided to pick them for the third series. But with the Mavs down 1-0, it seems he may have made the wrong choice again.

Barkley is a TV figure, so this is all for entertainment. He has gotten many fanbases riled up like this, but it all contributes to making the game a lot more interesting for the same fans as the team proving an analyst wrong is fuel for the fanbase. Looks like the Warriors are looking to do that with Barkley.