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Draymond Green Reveals He Won $4k From Klay Thompson By Playing Dominos Right After He Tore His ACL

Draymond Green Reveals He Won $4k From Klay Thompson By Playing Dominos Right After He Tore His ACL

If you are a Golden State Warriors fan then there are many things for you to be happy about this season. With Stephen Curry breaking the 3-point record and having yet another MVP caliber season, Draymond Green is on top of the DPOY ratings, or maybe Klay Thompson finally making a comeback after being sidelined for more than two years.

Thompson suffered a crucial injury in the 2019 NBA Finals, which sidelined him for an entire season. When Thompson was ready to make a comeback, he once again suffered an injury that once yet ruled him out for last season for more than one-third of this season.

Well, the wait will finally be over as Klay is all set to make an amazing return next month. Anyway, we are not here to talk about it today. Instead, we will rewind a bit and talk about right after Klay tore his ACL. His teammate Draymond Green revealed a story about it and it features him winning $4,000 against Klay in a game of Dominos.

Via NBC Sports:

“So, it’s a nice day in Oakland, Klay had a swimming pool at his house. I go through, he had some dominos on the table. I’m like ‘let’s play’. He’s like ‘alright, let’s play’. Of course, we’re not playing for free, we’re playing for some good money. Of course, it was a beatdown cause he can’t beat me. But it was also just a time in his life, Klay who had never been hurt, just tore his ACL, you know, kind of messed up a little bit mentally, and I show up like ‘yo how can I help you get your mind off this?’ But I left about $4,000 richer and it was great. It was incredible."

Draymond further revealed, “He won’t let me forget that, he’s like ‘man this guy came over to my house after I tear my ACL and just takes my money’ I’m like ‘well I came over there to just kick it with you but you wanted to play dominos.’"

It is certainly a hilarious story that the two players must look back on from time to time. As Green revealed, it was the first time Klay suffered such a major injury. It must have been difficult for him to deal with it.

Hopefully, Klay hasn't lost his touch and will further help the already amazing Golden State Warriors team win an NBA Championship this season.