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Klay Thompson Gets Real On His NBA Return: "I Don't Want To Come Back And Be A Shell Of Myself."

Klay Thompson

With Steph Curry playing like an MVP candidate and the Warriors holding the best record in the NBA, there is no doubt that Dub Nation is back to being at the top of the basketball world.

Still, they find themselves waiting and hoping for one more key player to join their ranks: sharpshooting guard Klay Thompson, who has missed the last two seasons battling major injuries.

With his return to action just weeks away now, Klay recently spoke about his expectations to the media, explaining that he isn't going to settle for being a shell of his former self.

“I don't want to come back and be a shell of myself, I want to come back like I was last time I was playing, and I was one of the best players in the world,” Thompson said.

The last time he was healthy, Klay averaged 21.5 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game on 40.2% shooting from three.

After two years of rehab, it's impossible to say for sure if he will ever return to that level of play again.

On the bright side, he is practicing with his team again and looks to be making real progress on his journey back to action.

(The Buffalo News)

“It's truly a blessing and it makes coming to work so easy. The boring stuff's behind me,” Thompson said, “Now I'm just getting back in game shape. It's really exciting and I've got to stay patient because I can be an over eager person to get out there and play. But I'm just incredibly grateful to be out there.”

If Thompson does return to his peak form, it could spell disaster for the Western Conference.

Adding Klay to an already deadly Warriors team might just be the final piece they need to make a push for the Championship.

For now, the 5x All-Star sta is just going to keep taking things one day at a time.