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Draymond Green Took Shots At Grizzlies When Asked About Mavericks' Physicality In Game 2: "I Think It'll Get A Lot More Physical But Not Testy Or Nasty... Memphis Is A Testy And Nasty Team, But That's Not Who Dallas Is And That's Not Who We Are."

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The Golden State Warriors - Memphis Grizzlies series in the second round was very physical, with various flagrant fouls committed by both teams. There was also a good amount of trash talk by both teams, with some of it bordering on disrespect.

In contrast, the Western Conference Finals series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors has not featured a ton of disrespect or excessive physicality between the two teams thus far. 

Ahead of Game 2 against the Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green decided to take shots at the Grizzlies when asked about the physicality level from the Mavericks going forward. Draymond Green stated that it'll "get a lot more physical" but added that the atmosphere wouldn't be "testy or nasty". The shots came when Green claimed that Memphis is a "testy and nasty team", while neither the Warriors nor the Mavericks are that:

“I think it’ll get a lot more physical but not testy or nasty because we’re not a testy and nasty team and they’re not a testy and nasty team. … Memphis is a testy and nasty team, but that’s not who Dallas is and that’s not who we are."

There is no doubt that the Dallas Mavericks have not shown the same level of physicality and ruthlessness as the Memphis Grizzlies did thus far in the series. They will definitely need to step up on the physicality end to win this series to win against a team with rugged defenders like Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins.

As for the Grizzlies, it seems slightly unfair to call them a nasty team. While they are a trash-talking team, the Warriors also engaged in trash talk during the series, with Stephen Curry notably saying that the Warriors' game plan was to "Whoop that trick" prior to Game 5.

Currently, though, the Golden State Warriors must focus on the task ahead, and that is defeating the Dallas Mavericks. There's no doubt that they have the talent to win this series and get to the Finals, and we'll see if they can do so in the coming days.