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Dwight Howard On 2020 Title Race In Orlando: "I Promised Myself If We Ever Got Back We Wasn’t Gonna Lose."

(via Instagram)

(via Instagram)

With the 2020 NBA title up for grabs, Dwight Howard and the Los Angeles Lakers are in position for a long and hard-fought battle.

For Dwight specifically, the idea of winning a title after all the obstacles he's faced is like a dream.

In a post on Instagram, the L.A. big man talked about how things have come full circle for him and that (since he's back in Orlando) he doesn't want to miss this opportunity again.

Howard is no stranger to the Finals. He made an appearance in 2009 with the Magic, but lost to the very team he's playing for now. He hasn't been back since.

But one has to think that with his comeback year, with this new team, and with LeBron James, now is the best shot he's got at finally capturing a title. It won't be easy, especially given the present circumstances. Dwight, however, seems hungry and more driven than ever before.

If he can play at the top of his game, it may just be enough to bring him what he's been looking for all these years.