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Dwight Howard's No. 39 Ruined The Lakers' Perfect Numerical Order (0-15)

Dwight Howard Ruined The Lakers' Perfect Numerical Order (0-15)

The 2021/22 Los Angeles Lakers seem to be perfect harmony ahead of the upcoming NBA season. The purple and gold are an experienced and talented team looking to win the 18th championship for the franchise. 

They appear to be on the same page, but one Redditor found out that Dwight Howard might be a little off compared to the rest of the squad. The center is set to start his third tenure with the Lakers, where he won a championship in 2020. 

However, D-12 missed a big chance to complete the Lakers' perfect numerical order (aside from retired jerseys). "YROK1986" found out that Howard could have changed his number again to make the current Lakers roster wear numbers 0 through 15. 

So have we talked about the Lakers' roster's uniform numbers yet? They go in perfect numerical order (aside from retired numbers) and then Dwight messed it all up. Allow me to show you what I mean:

  • 0 - Russell Westbrook
  • 1 - Trevor Ariza
  • 2 - Wayne Ellington
  • 3 - Anthony Davis
  • 4 - Rajon Rondo
  • 5 - Talen Horton-Tucker
  • 6 - LeBron James
  • 7 - Carmelo Anthony
  • 8 - Retired for Kobe Bryant
  • 9 - Kent Bazemore
  • 10 - DeAndre Jordan
  • 11 - Malik Monk
  • 12 - Kendrick Nunn
  • 13 - Retired for Wilt Chamberlain
  • 39(?!) - Dwight Howard
  • 15 - Austin Reaves

As you can see, Dwight Howard should have chosen to wear number 14. You might be asking "Well OP, Dwight played for the Lakers two seasons ago and he wore #39, so why would he change his number?" Great question. He played for the Lakers once originally and wore #12 before leaving and eventually coming back, at which point he chose to wear #39. Since he left and came back again, there's precedence for him changing his number.

Come on, Dwight!

That would have been great to watch from Howard, but the big man isn't changing a number that meant so much for him. He won his first and only ring wearing that jersey, and there's no reason for him to change it. 

The Lakers have a big opportunity to compete for the championship next year. The Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks appear to be their biggest competitors for the Larry O'Brien trophy. Still, less than the 18th championship will be considered a failure for this overpowered team.