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Dwyane Wade On Kobe Bryant In 2008 Olympic Games: “He Would Be Able To Talk To Everyone In Their Own Language"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Dwyane Wade was part of the 2008 'Redeem Team' that put Team USA as the best international basketball team in the world, a title they had lost in both 2004 and 2006, where they were unable to win the gold in the Olympic Games and the FIBA World Cup, respectively.

USA Basketball assembled a team full of talented, young, and experienced players that had high expectations around them. Millions of people expected them to win the Gold in 2008, that was the only good result for them. In the end, they won it all, displaying a big dominance throughout the tournament, defeating all their rivals on the way to the Gold medal.

Wade had big memories from that tournament, as he recently revealed a documentary about the team is in the making. He recently joined ‘The Platform Basketball Podcast,’ and talk about a variety of things he lived in China. One big memory about that time was how famous the late Kobe Bryant was.

"Whenever we went anywhere, it was just a crowd of people. He would be able to talk to everyone in their own language man, and to me, it was the dopest thing to just sit back and watch the experience," Wade said, as transcribed by Essentially Sports.

It's not a secret that Kobe learned several languages to trash talk his rivals, so this is another proof of his greatness. In the end, that also helped him to communicate with other people around the world without the need of insulting them.

That was the impact he made on the game and beyond. Different cultures, different countries, and continents worshipped Kobe. That's how great he was.