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Dwyane Wade On Meeting Michael Jordan For The First Time: "It Was Michael Jordan And Like 50 Dudes On Motorcycle"

Dwyane Wade On Meeting Michael Jordan For The First Time: "It Was Michael Jordan And Like 50 Dudes On Motorcycle"

Getting drafted into the NBA is a dream come true for every young basketball athlete. Dwyane Wade got his wish fulfilled when the Miami Heat selected the young guard with the 5th overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. 

Starting from a young age, Wade showed signs of promise and helped the Heat win an NBA Championship in just his third year in the league. Following that, he never looked back and had an illustrious career in the league.

Of course, Wade also had an idol when entering the league. It was none other than Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. Growing up in Chicago, it's no surprise that Wade idolized MJ. In fact, recently Wade even revealed that he firmly believes Michael Jordan is the GOAT of his generation.

So it is quite obvious how big of a fan was D-Wade of Jordan. But the biggest fanboy moment for him must have been when he first met Michael Jordan. Wade recently shared a story about his first meeting with MJ and it was as crazy as you would expect it to be.

"The first time I got an opportunity to meet my idol and I think this is one of the coolest ways to meet your idol. So I get drafted. I'm doing a draft party back in Chicago, it's like a week after I'm done with doing a press conference in Miami. I get back and I'm doing a party, I'm having a great time, the party is a success everyone has showed up. I'm like people have came to see me, finally. And my cousin come and tap me on my shoulder and he said, 'Hey Michael Jordan is outside, they won't let him in.' I said stop playing with me. What do you mean Michael Jordan is outside and they won't let him in?

So anyway he looked at me and I knew it was a serious look so both of us ran. We were just running out of the club and I bust through the doors and it was in slow motion. When I opened the doors, it was Michael Jordan and  like 50 dudes on a motorcycle. And I was just like, I've heard about this. And I went up to him immediately and I was like 'Mike you wanna come in?' and he was like 'No, I'm good.' But he came by to show me some love."

(starts at 1:30)

It must have been truly a great moment for Wade to meet his idol in such an iconic fashion. 

By the way, since his retirement from the league, Wade has been quite active in interviews and has revealed many details that fans were unaware of. For example, he recently revealed that he believes he should have been named the MVP and DPOY in the 2008-09 NBA season.

Well, for fans, it is great to see D-Wade talking more about his career in a much more free manner. We hope Wade keeps on sharing these amazing anecdotes.