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Dwyane Wade Says Michael Jordan Had A Huge Impact On His Life: "His Influence Was So Impactful On Me."

Dwyane Wade Says Michael Jordan Had A Huge On His Life: "His Influence Was So Impactful On Me."

Michael Jordan's amazing basketball career inspired countless individuals across the globe. Even though he retired in 2003, the guy remains one of the most impactful players ever.

For Dwyane Wade, Mike was also a highly influential figure in his life, as he recently told Lewis Howes on YouTube.

“Michael didn’t know that this was that all these moments and whether he was talking to me, whether he was playing the game of basketball. He didn’t know, he didn’t know the influence that he was having on a little kid, you know growing up in the inner city of rob’s Illinois in Chicago. And his influence was so impactful on me. Like even to the point where I was 21 years old. In the NBA I played a game that I should not have played. because Michael was like 'oh, I'll be there tomorrow can't wait to see you.' "

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Obviously, MJ was a special and rare kind of talent. Not only was he physically unstoppable, but he had the mind of an assassin who was ready to annihilate whoever was in front of him.

Clearly, Wade appreciated that aspect. of Michael

Funnily enough, the first time he met the Bulls legend was actually during his draft party in Chicago, when he showed up with 50 other guys on a motorcycle.

"The first time I got an opportunity to meet my idol and I think this is one of the coolest ways to meet your idol. So I get drafted. I'm doing a draft party back in Chicago, it's like a week after I'm done with doing a press conference in Miami. I get back and I'm doing a party, I'm having a great time, the party is a success everyone has showed up. I'm like people have came to see me, finally. And my cousin come and tap me on my shoulder and he said, 'Hey Michael Jordan is outside, they won't let him in.' I said stop playing with me. What do you mean Michael Jordan is outside and they won't let him in?

So anyway he looked at me and I knew it was a serious look so both of us ran. We were just running out of the club and I bust through the doors and it was in slow motion. When I opened the doors, it was Michael Jordan and like 50 dudes on a motorcycle. And I was just like, I've heard about this. And I went up to him immediately and I was like 'Mike you wanna come in?' and he was like 'No, I'm good.' But he came by to show me some love."

Needless to say, Jordan has a way of touching people. His amazing career and electric aura mesmerize everyone who meets him.

Even today, MJ is loved and revered by fans for the way he changed the game. For Wade and many others, Jordan's life and career helped shape who they are today.