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Dwyane Wade Says Udonis Haslem Is His Favorite Of All-Time: "Everybody Wants Me To Say LeBron...”

(via Heat Nation)

(via Heat Nation)

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have one of the most dynamic and widely publicized relationships in professional sports. Time and time again, the two have alluded to their bond outside the court, and it's very clear that they're going to be friends for life.

So, naturally, when Dwyane Wade was asked to name his favorite teammate ever, everyone was expecting him to pick his long-time friend. Instead, however, he chose an inconspicuous Miami Heat big man: Udonis Haslem.

“That’s a tough question right there because your favorite teammate is not normally the names that people know so it’s not normally the star players right everybody wants me to say LeBron.

“We came in together but whenever I was in the club, whenever I was out anywhere in Miami, whenever I was on the court, UD have my back.

“We started building a brotherhood. So obviously we got closer, and we won championships together you know I mean we did all that but like off the court I ain’t never had to worry about nothing in Miami because it’s like ‘yo UD got me’.”

It sounds like UD was just one of those guys that Wade could count on. That's not to say he can't count on Bron, but Haslem and Wade were teammates for 15 years before Wade eventually retired in 2019. It's clear to see they have some immense appreciation and respect for each other.