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Enes Kanter Freedom Wants NBA To Postpone The Season: "How Many Players Have To Test Positive?"

Enes Kanter

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the NBA took immediate action by postponing the season and having players return to finish things in the bubble months later.

The league has had a pretty handle on things since then, and they've set a positive example for the rest of the sports world.

But now, COVID-19 is back with a vengeance and cases have exploded all over the league. With some preparing for the worst, Enes Kanter has called for the league to suspend the season.

In 2020, the league got decimated financially after postponing the end of the season. For the players, enduring 'the bubble' was especially tough as it meant going weeks without seeing family and friends.

Nevertheless, safety should be the NBA's top priority, and stopping play may be the best way to keep the community safe.

As cases continue to rise, we can expect more suspensions in the coming weeks. And as the league works to stay out in front of the outbreak, talks of a suspension are only going to grow.

Either way, it's a dangerous time for everyone, and only with caution can catastrophe be avoided.

"We all got to protect each other," said Joel Embiid. "Whether it's wearing masks, making sure whatever you do outside of basketball, that you think about your teammates, their family or your own family. It does suck. But from the beginning, you know, even when it hit us I was mad because I thought last year there was great precautions in place and this year it was just all over the place and I just thought it was unprofessional and that's where we are now."

At this point, nobody knows what the future has in store. This season has been a mess so far with case numbers and game suspensions happening frequently.

The hope is that the NBA's quick and decisive action will help keep everyone safe and the season alive. Still, it's clear that this whole COVID crisis is far from over.