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ESPN Calls Woj's Email F-Bomb 'Inexcusable,' And Many People Think His Job Could Be On The Line

(via Hollywood Reporter)

(via Hollywood Reporter)

As the world, and the United States, in particular, face an unprecedented time of civil unrest, many people have made it part of their personal mission to root out racism and injustice wherever they see it.

For Adrian Wojnarowski, that meant firing back at a U.S. Senator who suggested the NBA should include an ode to cops and soldiers on their jerseys.

For those that may be thinking it's fake, Woj has since apologized and admitted he made a "regrettable" mistake.

ESPN followed up the apology to assure the public that they do not condone Woj's NSFW email.

As ESPN's most esteemed reporter, Woj is a pretty big face in the basketball community. But even he is not immune from scandal. While some may have agreed with his stance and comments to Senator Hawley (saying the letter calling for police support was in "bad faith" from the start), others are saying he's wrong and are calling for the guy to be fired.

So far, it seems Woj is getting much more support than anything else. He spoke his mind and many people would have done the same thing. But when you work for a brand as large as ESPN, you've got to be careful with your words, especially around U.S. Senators.