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Ja Morant Takes A Shot At Players Who Complain About NBA Bubble

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

With just weeks to go until the official restart of the 2019-20 season, the players have finally arrived in Orlando, where they will be under specialized quarantine for at least a few months.

Players agreed and most were excited, but nobody said things were going to be particularly "easy" for these guys.

The idea of being stuck in the city is bad enough for a lot of players, they have an issue with their living conditions, despite it being above average. Some have gone so far as to complain online about their hotels and their food.

A lot of fans have made it a point to flame these guys for their complaints. I mean, it might not be what they're used to, but in the midst of a pandemic, people are fighting for their jobs and even for their lives. These guys aren't getting sympathy from anyone.

Interestingly enough, Ja Morant seems to feel the same way about his colleagues and seemingly called them out columnist Mark Giannotto.

Yikes... he didn't mince words there. And while we won't be so quick to call players "silver spoon guys," it might be appropriate if they continue to complain about their current living conditions.

They did, after all, agree to this. Nobody forced them to play.

As for whether or not the NBA will improve the meals (or the lodging), he has said already that things will look better in the next few days. Let's hope he's right about that.