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Ex-Clippers Big Man Montrezl Harell Takes A Shot At His Former Team: "Just Gone Enjoy Life Man!"

Ex-Clippers Big Man Montrezl Harell Takes A Shot At His Former Team- "Just Gone Enjoy Life Man!"

Montrezl Harell is one of the few players who has experienced life on both sides of L.A. basketball.

From 2017-2020, Harrell was a member of the Clippers, doing his thing for the shadow team in L.A. As we now know, his final season with the Clips was pretty dramatic and ended in an extremely disappointing fashion.

This season, he's playing as a Laker while watching his former team (the Clippers) go down 0-2 in embarrassing fashion.

He posted about it on Twitter, getting quite a bit of laughs from the community.

As you can tell, fans had quite a bit of fun at the Clippers' expense tonight. You know things are bad when one of your former players starts clowning you on social media.

Nonetheless, Trez may have spoken a little bit too early. Although his Lakers were able to squeeze by a win in Phoenix, they weren't far off from being down 0-2 themselves.

So while Trez is feeling pretty good about where he's at, the endings have not yet played out, and anything can happen over the next few games. Still, that didn't prevent him from liking some tweets dissing his former team after a series of rumors suggested he was a problem in the locker room. 


For the Clippers' sake, though, they better hope and pray for a miracle, or this could be one moment that they will never live down.