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Fans React After NBA's New Rules Cause Steph Curry To Fail Trying To Draw Foul: "Not This Year."

Steph Curry

For years, some of the NBA's biggest stars have exploited the officiating to draw fouls and get easy points at the line. While the practice has always existed, modern-day players seem to be especially reliant on it, to the point where fans and media members started to get sick of guys cheating the game.

In response, the league is implementing a number of changes this season, designed to stop rewarding offensive players who initiate contact with their defenders.

(via Shams Charania)

NBA officiating staffs will be trained to identify and properly rule overt non-basketball actions to initiate contact with defender — such as offensive player launches into defender, abruptly veers off path, kicks leg at abnormal angle, or his off-arm hooks defender.

With the preseason finally in motion, we're getting the chance to see some of these new rules in action.

Already, Steph Curry was denied a call at the three-point line after seemingly jumping into a defender.

This is obviously just the beginning, and it's clear that the new rules will take some getting used to for a lot of these players.

In this particular case, fans celebrated the no-call as a welcome change.

It just makes way more sense to stop rewarding offensive players with foul calls when they're the ones who initiate contact.

Not only will it force guys to get more creative with their attempts, but it will also help the game move faster, which is more entertaining for everyone watching.

At the moment, we don't yet know the full scope of the impact these new rule changes will have or even if they'll stick around long-term.

But, for now, fans are liking what they see. Let us just hope it stays that way as players adjust and start finding new ways to manipulate the system.