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Fans React To Dwight Howard Not Making The NBA All-Time 75: "How Does Damian Lillard Make It Over Dwight Howard?"

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Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is one of the most accomplished centers in basketball. A lot of fans may focus on his time after his Orlando Magic stint, but when he was in Orlando, he was absolutely dominant. 

Howard's accolades speak for themselves: he is a 3-time Defensive Player of the Year winner and an 8-time All-Star. He's also led the league in blocks multiple times. We could go on and on. He also managed to lead the Orlando Magic to an NBA Finals as the only superstar on the team during the 2008-09 season, beating the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers in the process. There's no question that he is not only a legend for the Orlando Magic, but for the entire NBA as well.

Even with all of his achievements, Dwight Howard was strangely not included in the recently revealed All-Time 75 list created by the NBA. A lot of fans and players were shocked at the decision, taking to Twitter to express their displeasure. A lot of people pointed out the difference in resumes between Dwight Howard and Damian Lillard, who ended up making the list. If we're being objective, it's obvious that Howard is more accomplished.

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There's no question that Dwight Howard deserved the nod for being top-75. With any of these lists, there are going to be players who are going to miss out. Some, like Klay Thompson, have already expressed displeasure at their snub from the list. It's unfortunate that some great players are not going to be included, and in Dwight Howard's case, it's clearly an injustice.

While Dwight Howard is no longer in his prime, there is no doubt that he is still a positive role player that can contribute to wins. Hopefully, he is able to do so, and perhaps winning another championship with the Los Angeles Lakers can help Dwight Howard get more recognition.