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Fans Were In Awe After Realizing Steph Curry Turned Around On His Own Shot When Ball Was Still High In The Air

Fans In Awe After Realizing Steph Curry Turned Around When Ball When Still High In The Air

Steph Curry may have just put on the greatest performance in All-Star game history on Sunday. The Warriors star, who was born in Akron, Ohio, dropped 50 points on the night with 16 3-pointers. It was a truly miraculous display.

Steph's confidence and swagger made it even better.

At one point during the game, while he was at his hottest, Curry turned around when the ball was still at its peak height, illustrating his confidence.

It was yet another historic showing by Steph, and it had fans in awe and amazement.

Steph is actually having one of the worst shooting seasons of his career, but the Warriors are once again near the top of the standings, and Curry could be on his way to another title.

After the All-Star game, Stephen A. Smith went on a tangent on First Take, officially proclaiming the 2x MVP as the face of the league.

"I believe it's Steph Curry, by default almost, he is winning and LeBron is not. That's really what this comes down to for me. If you want to modify it to a certain degree, LeBron James is the face of the league for what he does off the court. To me, I am speaking specifically of on the court. Steph Curry is just as box-office. You walka through the turnstyles to see the show this brother puts on. And even though LeBron puts on his own show, and he deserve scredit for that, the Lakers struggle. Steph Curry is winning."

After being named the All-Star MVP, and joining the other greats on the NBA's 75 players list, Steph's focus must shift back to the season at hand.

With plenty of challenges in the West, including Phoenix, Utah, and Memphis, the path ahead will not be an easy one for the Warriors.

But if Steph carries some of that All-Star game magic into the postseason, it might not be long before we see him raise another trophy.