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Gary Payton Endorses Marcus Smart As DPOY: "He Has Taken The Point Guard Out Every Time He Plays With Effort, And They Took Him Out And Made Somebody Else Run The Offense Who Is Not Supposed To."

Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, and he is a player that can ruin an opponent's offensive game plan. As a result of his defensive prowess, he has received some DPOY consideration this season.

Gary Payton is the only point guard that ever won the DPOY award. He has recently endorsed Marcus Smart for DPOY and claimed that Smart makes people who are "not supposed to" run the offense do so.

Marcus Smart... he plays hard, he play with a lot of dog in him, and I think that yes, he should win (DPOY). Why not.

He has changed a lot of things in a lot of the game. The reason we don't get looked as a guard is because... we don't do the things that I did... I was 94 feet. If I could turn and guard 3-4 times before he gets to half court, and there's only 10 seconds on the shot clock, I've done what I'm supposed to do. They're getting into an offense too late, and they're going to rush. Marcus Smart does the same thing... He makes other people handle the basketball, who ain't supposed to handle the basketball and get into your offense, and he's done that. He's done that all year.

"He has taken the point guard out every time he plays with effort, and they took him out and made somebody else run the offense who is not supposed to. And he deserves that. If you change your offense because of one guy, that's what you're supposed to do.

It remains to be seen if Marcus Smart ends up winning the DPOY award. The award has generally gone to big men in recent years, and there are definitely big men who have good cases for the award such as Bam Adebayo.

The Boston Celtics have had a top-tier defense this year, and Marcus Smart is a huge part of that. Hopefully, we see him rewarded for his ability, but the main focus for him and the Celtics will be to keep up their defense in the playoffs and potentially get out of the Eastern Conference.