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Giannis Antetokounmpo: 'Sometimes In Life, People Are Not Going To Be Around You And Motivate You, They're Not Going To Be Around You To Push You, To Celebrate You, To Applaud You... You Gotta Do It On Your Own, That's What I'm Doing Right Now.'

Credit: Milwaukee Bucks

Credit: Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo is known for being a fun and easy-going player and he doesn't miss a chance to show his good vibes. The Greek player did it during the offseason, messing with his brother Kostas and his first NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Well, Giannis mocked himself this time while the Bucks prepared to play the Toronto Raptors earlier this week. The player was getting ready to face the Canadian team, which currently plays in Tampa and he delivered a fun, wise speech for the Milwaukee Bucks fans and the rest of the NBA, explaining that people won't be around you to lift you and that job will be just for you.

“I’m getting old and weird, it’s crazy. This is my first time in Tampa. I’ve never been here before. Unfortunately, we cannot leave the hotel, I don’t have the chance to experience Tampa. Yeah, I’m getting old and weird. I’m a loner look at me, there’s nobody around me. Nobody likes me, man. It is what it is. Sometimes in life people are not going to be around you to motivate you. They’re not going to be around you to push you, to celebrate you, to applaud you. You gotta do it on your own, that’s what I’m doing right now [laughs].”

Even though he was just goofing around, he's right with his words. Most of the time, you will have nobody for you to root for you and you'll have to do it yourself. The Greek Freak is trying to take his team to the promised land this season and after an entertaining offseason, they are ready to compete this season.

Giannis still has things to improve before reaching the next level and the Bucks could apply a different approach to him to maximize his game. He's ready to make a statement and Milwaukee is ready to see what he's going to bring this season.