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Gilbert Arena Says He Spent His Entire Rookie Salary Before Playing An NBA Game And Had To Sleep At The Arena To Not Spend Money On Gas

Gilbert Arena Says He Spent His Entire Rookie Salary Before The Draft And Had To Sleep At The Arena To Not Spend Money On Gas

Former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas has always been an eccentric person. The retired point guard had high expectations for himself before entering the NBA and spent money he thought he would get before realizing he wouldn't be a lottery pick in the 2001 NBA draft. 

The young man made a big mistake and disbursed a lot of money, which would cost him more than expected during his rookie year. Arenas ended up living on a $500 budget every month, maneuvering to survive his first season in the association. 

During a recent interview on VladTV, Agent Zero revealed some stuff about his first season in the league, saying he had spent his entire rookie salary ($845,000) before the draft, which put him in a complex position. 

"You've been playing and training your whole life to be here, and when you get here it's a rude awakening," Arenas said, via CBS Sports. "You're not even close to what is expected. You're not good enough. You're on a two-year deal, I have no money. It wasn't fun. I even said then, 'I wish I could come back to college. I took a pay cut coming here.'"

Arenas struggled during his first 30 games in the league. He became 'depressed' and had to spend lonely nights at the Warriors arena. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the player improved his level thanks to the extra hours he spent at the gym. 

"The beginning of the season, I wasn't good enough to be put on that floor," Arenas said. "So, that anger and drive and just sitting in the gym for hours and hours and watching film is what got me going." 

Fortunately for Gilbert, he bounced back after that season, becoming a solid player in the league, leading the Washington Wizards to several playoffs appearances. His beginnings were incredibly rough, but he found a way to earn a lot of money and live a comfortable life. NBA players tend to make big purchases once they get that first check, but Arenas definitely took things to the next level.

He ended his career as a three-time NBA All-Star, and All-NBA Second Team, and the 2003 Most Improved Player in the league. All while earning over $160 million.